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District Licensing Committee Decisions Archive

Every decision of the District Licensing Committee (DLC) must be publicly notified. You can view the decisions of the DLC below.

Decisions Arising from Unopposed Applications

These are collated monthly into a combined document. New documents will be added to the list below as they become available.

2017 Decisions

 August 2017 (15MB PDF)                                                                                          September 2017 (3.4MB PDF)
 July 2017 (1.4MB PDF)                                                                                               October 2017 (2.2MB PDF)
 June 2017 (4.1MB PDF)                                                                                                November 2017 (4.3MB PDF)
 May 2017 (8.7MB PDF)                                                                                                December 2017 (1.1MB PDF)
 April 2017 (6.7MB PDF)
 March 2017 (7.9MB PDF)
 February 2017 (6.2MB PDF)
January 2017 (9.8MB PDF)
2016 Decisions
November 2016 (15MB PDF)
October 2016 (14MB PDF)
September 2016 (17MB PDF)
August 2016 (5.4MB PDF)
July 2016 (1.6MB PDF)
June 2016 (12MB PDF)
May 2016 (9.1MB PDF)
April 2016 (10MB PDF)
March 2016 (7.2MB PDF)
February 2016 (5.8MB PDF)
January 2016 (6.1MB PDF)
2015 Decisions
December 2015 (3.6MB PDF)
November 2015 (1.4MB PDF)
October 2015
September 2015 (1.4MB PDF)
August 2015 (1.4MB PDF)
July 2015 (3.9MB PDF)
June 2015 (983KB PDF)
May 2015 (2.4MB PDF)
April 2015 (4MB PDF)
March 2015 (1.5MB PDF)
Washing Machine Services T/A Victory Liquor Centre - Renewal application for On and Off Licences - Subsequent decision 18 March 2015 (328KB PDF)
Washing Machine Services T/A Victory Liquor Centre - Renewal application for On and Off Licences - 17 February 2015 (420KB PDF)
February 2015 (1.6MB PDF)
January 2015 (1.6MB PDF)
2014 Decisions
December 2014 (7.5MB PDF)
November 2014 (10MB PDF)
October 2014 (6.7MB PDF)
September 2014 (5.1MB PDF)
August 2014 (3.6MB PDF)
July 2014 (3.1MB PDF)
June 2014 (1.3MB PDF)
May 2014 (1020KB PDF) (291KB PDF)
April 2014 (661KB PDF)
March 2014 (729KB PDF)
February 2014 (508KB PDF)
January 2014 (291KB PDF)

Decisions Arising from a Hearing

Decisions arising from a hearing of the Nelson District Licensing Committee are listed below. Additional decisions will be added as they become available.

Applicant Date Decision
Liquid Limited - On licence renewal - 75 Bridge Street, Nelson (683KB PDF) 2 November 2016 Granted - one year renewal
SRS Ghuman and Sons Ltd - off licence - 36 Gloucester Street (474KB PDF) 17 April 2014 Granted