Recycling and reusing soft plastics

You can now recycle plastic shopping bags, chip packets, bread bags and other soft plastics with the arrival of the Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Programme in our region.

The soft plastic collection and recycling programme run by the packaging forum has been temporarily suspended due to lack of recycling capacity.

Visit for more information.

How it works

Collect your soft plastics – make sure they are clean and dry

Drop into your nearest collection point (Please do not put them in your kerbside recycling bin)

The programme will recycle them into fitness circuits, outdoor furniture, bollards and other products.

About the Programme

The Love NZ Soft Plastic Recycling Programme is a voluntary, industry-led initiative where everyone involved in the life cycle of a product — manufacturers, distributors and consumers — choose to share responsibility for the best end-of-life outcome.

The programme takes all soft plastic bags including bread bags, frozen food bags, toilet paper packaging, confectionery and biscuit wrap, chip bags, pasta and rice bags, courier envelopes, shopping bags and sanitary hygiene packaging and turns them into new products.

New Zealanders currently use around 1.6 billion plastic bags in the home every year. That means 4.3 million are being thrown away every day. Recycling of soft plastics supports our overall aim to reduce waste to landfill, which includes both recycling and reducing the use of single-use bags.

Find your closest drop off and more about the programme: Visit