Creating Travel Choices

Nelson City Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency will be working together to roll out a number of projects to make it easier to walk and cycle in Nelson.

What are the projects?

More projects will follow.

The projects will be varied but will all contribute to the same set of goals:

  • extending, developing and linking Nelson’s existing walking and cycling networks;
  • working with schools to make walking and cycling for students easier and safer, helping to reduce peak hour traffic congestion;
  • reducing deaths and serious injuries as a result of road crashes;
  • providing more transport choices, particularly for those with limited access to a car;
  • reducing the adverse environmental effects from land transport;
  • contributing to making communities healthier.

Some of the projects have been earmarked already. Some of the projects will be specific to certain schools and we’ll be finalising them as we work directly with the schools that have the greatest need.

The first year, will be mainly about investigation and design with construction most likely to be happening in the 2013–16 timeframe.

Who will be affected?

Everyone in Nelson will have the opportunity to benefit from the better facilities that will be built over the coming years.

Residents and businesses in certain areas will be directly affected and Council staff will be working closely with them to ensure there is as little disruption as possible.

Some areas may have parking spaces moved around to make way for cycle lanes or crossings and in a few cases some parking capacity will be lost but every attempt will be made to keep that to a minimum. In return residents will enjoy much improved facilities.

Benefits of walking and cycling

As well as reducing congestion on our roads, making it easier for people to choose a walking or cycling option for their travel means they enjoy health benefits too, physical and mental.

  • Getting into a good habit of physical activity which helps you become fitter
  • Arriving at work or school brighter and more alert
  • Having more time to notice the world around you
  • Better interaction with the local neighbourhood and community.