Route 1: Nelson > Bishopdale > Stoke > Richmond - Weekdays

Morning timetables are found at the top of this page, afternoon timetables at the bottom.

These times are approximate. Please be at the stop five minutes before the stated time.

Nelson to Richmond via Bishopdale


SBL depot/Wakatu Square 7:00am 7:30am 8:00am 8:30am 9:00am 10:00am 11:00am 12:00pm
Girls College 7:02am 7:32am 8:02am 8:32am 9:02am 10:02am 11:02am 12:02pm
Hampden Street 7:03am 7:33am 8:03am 8:33am 9:03am 10:03am 11:03am 12:03pm
Opp Hospital 7:05am 7:35am 8:05am 8:35am 9:05am 10:05am 11:05am 12:05pm
Hales Corner 7:06am 7:36am 8:06am 8:26am 9:06am 10:06am 11:06am 12:06pm
Caltex Bishopdale 7:07am 7:37am 8:07am 8:37am 9:07am 10:07am 11:07am 12:07pm
Stoke side of Bishopdale Hill 7:08am 7:38am 8:08am 8:38am 9:08am 10:08am 11:08am 12:08pm
Tuckett Place 7:09am 7:39am 8:09am 8:39am 9:09am 10:09am 11:09am 12:09pm
Beatson Rd Roundabout 7:10am 7:40am 8:10am 8:40am 9:10am 10:10am 11:10am 12:10pm
Louisson Ave 7:12am 7:42am 8:12am 8:42am 9:12am 10:12am 11:12am 12:12pm
Maitland Ave 7:13am 7:43am 8:13am 8:43am 9:13am 10:13am 11:13am 12:13pm
Marsden Road 7:14am 7:44am 8:14am 8:44am 9:14am 10:14am 11:14am 12:14pm
Songer Street 7:15am 7:47am 8:17am 8:47am 9:17am 10:17am 11:17am 12:17pm
Stoke School 7:16am 7:48am 8:18am 8:48am 9:18am 10:18am 11:18am 12:18pm
Polstead Rd 7:17am 7:49am 8:19am 8:49am 9:19am 10:19am 11:19am 12:19pm
Kensington Court Resthome 7:18am 7:50am 8:20am 8:50am 9:20am 10:20am 11:20am 12:20pm
Ernerst Rutherford Retirement Village 7:19am 7:51am 8:21am 8:51am 9:21am 10:21am 11:21am 12:21pm
Main Road Stoke at Orphanage Creek 7:20am 7:52am 8:22am 8:52am 9:22am 10:22am 11:22am 12:22pm
Opp Heslops 7:21am 7:53am 8:23am 8:53am 9:23am 10:23am 11:23am 12:23pm
Salisbury Rd at 144 7:22am 7:54am 8:24am 8:54am 9:24am 10:24am 11:24am 12:24pm
Waimea College 7:23am 7:55am 8:25am 8:55am 9:25am 10:25am 11:25am 12:25pm
Salisbury Shops 7:23am 7:56am 8:26am 8:56am 9:26am 10:26am 11:26am 12:26pm
Talbot Street 7:24am 7:57am 8:27am 8:57am 9:27am 10:27am 11:27am 12:27pm
Queen Street 7:25am 7:59am 8:29am 8:59am 9:29am 10:29am 11:29am 12:29pm

Nelson to Richmond via Bishopdale


SBL depot/Wakatu Square 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm 3:30pm 4:00pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 7:00pm
Girls College 1:02pm 2:02pm 3:02pm 3:35pm 4:02pm 4:32pm 5:02pm 5:32pm 6:02pm 7:02pm
Hampden Street 1:03pm 2:03pm 3:03pm 3:38pm 4:06pm 4:36pm 5:06pm 5:36pm 6:03pm 7:03pm
Opp Hospital 1:05pm 2:05pm 3:05pm 3:40pm 4:08pm 4:38pm 5:08pm 5:38pm 6:05pm 7:05pm
Hales Corner 1:06pm 2:06pm 3:06pm 3:42pm 4:09pm 4:39pm 5:09pm 5:39pm 6:06pm 7:06pm
Caltex Bishopdale 1:07pm 2:07pm 3:07pm 3:44pm 4:10pm 4:40pm 5:10pm 5:40pm 6:07pm 7:07pm
Stoke side of Bishopdale Hill 1:08pm 2:08pm 3:08pm 3:45pm 4:11pm 4:41pm 5:11pm 5:41pm 6:08pm 7:08pm
Tuckett Place 1:09pm 2:09pm 3:09pm 3:46pm 4:12pm 4:42pm 5:12pm 5:42pm 6:09pm 7:09pm
Beatson Rd Roundabout 1:10pm 2:10pm 3:10pm 3:47pm 4:13pm 4:43pm 5:13pm 5:43pm 6:10pm 7:10pm
Louisson Ave 1:12pm 2:12pm 3:12pm 3:49pm 4:15pm 4:45pm 5:15pm 5:45pm 6:12pm 7:12pm
Maitland Ave 1:13pm 2:13pm 3:13pm 3:50pm 4:16pm 4:46pm 5:16pm 5:46pm 6:13pm 7:13pm
Marsden Road 1:14pm 2:14pm 3:14pm 3:52pm 4:17pm 4:47pm 5:17pm 5:47pm 6:14pm 7:14pm
Songer Street 1:15pm 2:17pm 3:17pm 3:55pm 4:20pm 4:50pm 5:20pm 5:50pm 6:17pm 7:17pm
Stoke School 1:16pm 2:18pm 3:18pm 3:56pm 4:21pm 4:51pm 5:21pm 5:51pm 6:18pm 7:18pm
Polstead Rd 1:17pm 2:19pm 3:19pm 3:57pm 4:22pm 4:52pm 5:22pm 5:52pm 6:19pm 7:19pm
Kensington Court Resthome 1:18pm 2:20pm 3:20pm 3:58pm 4:23pm 4:53pm 5:23pm 5:53pm 6:20pm 7:20pm
Ernerst Rutherford Retirement Village 1:19pm 2:21pm 3:21pm 3:59pm 4:24pm 4:54pm 5:24pm 5:54pm 6:21pm 7:21pm
Main Road Stoke at Orphanage Creek 1:20pm 2:22pm 3:22pm 4:00pm 4:25pm 4:55pm 5:25pm 5:55pm 6:22pm 7:22pm
Opp Heslops 1:21pm 2:23pm 3:23pm 4:01pm 4:26pm 4:56pm 5:26pm 5:56pm 6:23pm 7:23pm
Salisbury Rd at 144 1:22pm 2:24pm 3:24pm 4:02pm 4:27pm 4:57pm 5:27pm 5:57pm 6:24pm 7:24pm
Waimea College 1:23pm 2:25pm 3:25pm 4:03pm 4:28pm 4:58pm 5:28pm 5:58pm 6:25pm 7:25pm
Salisbury Shops 1:23pm 2:26pm 3:26pm 4:04pm 4:29pm 4:59pm 5:29pm 5:59pm 6:26pm 7:26pm
Talbot Street 1:24pm 2:27pm 3:27pm 4:05pm 4:30pm 5:00pm 5:30pm 6:00pm 6:27pm 7:27pm
Queen Street 1:25pm 2:29pm 3:29pm 4:07pm 4:32pm 5:02pm 5:32pm 6:02pm 6:29pm 7:29pm
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