Route 4: Nelson > NMIT > The Brook > NMIT > Nelson - Weekdays

No Sunday service. Morning timetables are found at the top of this page, afternoon timetables at the bottom.

All local routes (routes 3-6) use a "Hail and Ride" system. That means you don't have to wait at a formal bus stop. You can wave down the bus anywhere along the route where it is safe and legal for the bus to stop. Please make yourself visible to the bus driver.

These times are approximate. Please be at the stop five minutes before the stated time.

Nelson > NMIT > The Brook > NMIT > Weekdays

Weekdays AM

Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Square 7:15am 7:45am 8:15am 9:30am 10:30am 11:30am
New St 7:17am 7:47am 8:17am 9:32am 10:32am 11:32am
Collingwood St - Fresh Choice 7:18am 7:48am 8:18am 9:33am 10:33am 11:33am
Nile St - NMIT 7:19am 7:49am 8:19am 9:34am 10:34am 11:34am
Brook St - Brook St Store 7:21am 7:51am 8:21am 9:36am 10:36am 11:36am
Brook St - Motor Camp 7:26am 7:56am 8:26am 9:41am 10:41am 11:41am
Brook St - Olivine Tce 7:28am 7:58am 8:28am 9:43am 10:43am 11:43am
Brook St - opp Brook St Store 7:31am 8:01am 8:31am 9:46am 10:46am 11:46am
Nile St - Central School 7:33am 8:03am 8:33am 9:48am 10:48am 11:48am
Collingwood St - opp Medical Centre 7:35am 8:05am 8:35am 9:50am 10:50am 11:50am
New St - The Mill 7:36am 8:06am 8:36am 9:51am 10:51am 11:51am
Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Square 7:39am 8:09am 8:39am 9:54am 10:54am 11:54am

Nelson > NMIT > The Brook > NMIT > Nelson

Weekdays p.m

Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Square 12:35pm 1:30pm 2:30pm 3:30pm 4:05pm 4:35pm 5:05pm 5:35pm 6:05pm
New St 12:37pm 1:32pm 2:32pm 3:32pm 4:07pm 4:37pm 5:07pm 5:37pm 6:07pm
Collingwood St - Fresh Choice 12:38pm 1:33pm 2:33pm 3:33pm 4:08pm 4:38pm 5:08pm 5:38pm 6:08pm
Nile St - NMIT 12:39pm 1:34pm 2:34pm 3:34pm 4:09pm 4:39pm 5:09pm 5:39pm 6:09pm
Brook St - Brook St Store 12:41pm 1:36pm 2:36pm 3:36pm 4:11pm 4:41pm 5:11pm 5:41pm 6:11pm
Brook St - Motor Camp 12:46pm 1:41pm 2:41pm 3:41pm 4:16pm 4:46pm 5:16pm 5:46pm 6:16pm
Brook St - Olivine Tce 12:48pm 1:43pm 2:43pm 3:43pm 4:18pm 4:48pm 5:18pm 5:48pm 6:18pm
Brook St - opp Brook St Store 12:51pm 1:46pm 2:46pm 3:46pm 4:21pm 4:51pm 5:21pm 5:51pm 6:21pm
Nile St - Central School 12:53pm 1:48pm 2:48pm 3:48pm 4:23pm 4:53pm 5:23pm 5:53pm 6:23pm
Collingwood St - opp Medical Centre 12:55pm 1:50pm 2:50pm 3:50pm 4:25pm 4:55pm 5:25pm 5:55pm 6:25pm
New St - The Mill 12:56pm 1:51pm 2:51pm 3:51pm 4:26pm 4:56pm 5:26pm 5:56pm 6:26pm
Nelson Terminus - Wakatu Square 12:59pm 1:54pm 2:54pm 3:54pm 4:29pm 4:59pm 5:29pm 5:57pm 6:29pm
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