Parking meter hours and time limits

Parking changes for Nelson City

Parking meters are found on many streets in the CBD. The first hour of parking is free when a ticket is displayed.

Parking meter hours

8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday
9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday

Except public/statuatory holidays.

All parking meters have a time restriction, which are applicable at all times.

Find out more about parking fines and infringement notices at 'Understanding your parking ticket'

Parking time limits

Signs with white lettering on a blue background with a P at the top indicate the time restriction in minutes. (P5, P60, P120 are the standard restrictions in Nelson). Vehicles are ticketed for the length of time they exceed the time limit. Any infringement fee depends on the length of time the vehicle was parked over the time limit. A vehicle must leave the time limit area completely once the time limit has been exceeded.

Hours the parking time limits apply

Monday through Sunday 8am to 6pm except for public holidays or as otherwise stated on signs.

Temporary parking permits for contractors working in CBD

A parking permit is a pre-paid carpark permit that a contractor working within the CBD can obtain to allow them to park longer than the maximum time. The Parking Section needs to know the purpose for which the permit will be used. Application forms have to be completed (and displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle). These can be obtained from Customer Service Centre.

  • Permit cost per day: $10.00
  • Permit cost per half-day $5.00