Bylaw 207 Parking and Vehicle Control

Parking and Vehicle Control Bylaw 2011 (Bylaw 207)

This bylaw controls road users’ behaviour in regard to parking and vehicle control. Broadly the bylaw:

•    resolves conflicts (for example, operation of shared paths or shared zones)
•    prescribes behaviour (for example, parking within parking spaces)
•    prohibits detrimental behaviour (for example damaging parking meters)
•    defines the meaning of, and required response to, traffic control devices (for example requiring payment for parking in a pay and display area)

This Bylaw was amended in 2012 to allow skateboards, roller skates, inline skates and wheeled recreational devices to travel on footpaths on the outer side of Rutherford and Collingwood Street (these devices remain banned on footpaths on the CBD side of these streets).

Download the whole text of the bylaw

Download Bylaw 207 Parking and Vehicle Control (2.1MB PDF)

Download the Schedule of different traffic restrictions within the City (8.4MB PDF)
(note: this document supercedes the schedule in the above Bylaw document).