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Sustainable Land Management Resources


New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science (1.3MB PDF)

Opportunities and limitations of exotic Pinus radiata as a facilitative nurse for New Zealand indigenous forest restoration (1.3MB PDF)

New Zealand Journal of Ecology: Restoring mature-phase forest tree species through enrichment planting in New Zealand’s lowland landscapes (17MB PDF)

School of Forestry, University of Canterbury Short Report: Canopy Manipulations of exotic Bitter Willow (Salix elaeagnos) forest for indigenous seedling recruitment: A pilot study. (239KB PDF) 

Diversity and succession of adventive and indigenous vascular understorey plants in Pinus radiata plantation forests in New Zealand (735KB PDF)

Restoration Ecology: Artificial canopy gaps accelerate restoration with an exotic Pinus radiata plantation: Forbes et al 2016 (212KB PDF)

Council recently produced a series of sustainable land management resources which can be downloaded from the links below:

Sustainable Land Management - Soil Erosion (3.8MB PDF)

Sustainable Land Management - Water Quality - Fencing and Planting (2.1MB PDF)

Sustainable Land Management - Water Quality - Managing Pollutants (1.9MB PDF)

Sustainable Land Management - Good Management Practices (671KB PDF)

Land environment plans

Individual Landowner Forestry Environmental Plan Template (771KB DOCX)

Land Environment Plans for small block owners (1.8MB PDF)


Native Forest Restoration Framework (7.1MB PDF)

Trees for steep slopes (Dean Satchell) (1.3MB PDF)

Wakapuaka Forest Carbon Feasibility Study (1.2MB PDF)


Riparian planting and the ETS (Nov 2018) Roger May (1.8MB PDF)

Dean Satchell - Forest Options for Steep Slopes (1.7MB PDF) (1.7MB PDF)

National Environmental Standards - Plantation Forestry and the ETS (4.8MB PDF)

Robyn Simcock Presentation Farm Environment Plans workshop (4.4MB PPTX)

Adam Forbes Clear Fell Restoration Presentation (40MB PPTX)

Hill Country Erosion Programme Case Studies

The role of good partnerships in tackling Erosion - Greater Wellington Regional Council (1.6MB PDF)

Joining forces to safeguard a precious catchment - Hawkes Bay Regional Council (3.1MB PDF)

Solving a catastrophic slip with manuka planting - Horizons Regional Council (3.7MB PDF)

Tackling erosion challenges out on the lifestyle block - Nelson City Council (3.4MB PDF)

Gathering momentum in the battle against hill country erosion - Waikato Regional Council (1.8MB PDF)