Weddings in public gardens

Parks and reserves administered by the Nelson City Council are available for weddings. Contact the Council directly if you wish to use a park for a large event. See the contact information below.

Available parks

While any park can be booked, the most popular parks are Isel Park, Broadgreen (particularly when the roses are out) Queens Gardens, Miyazu Gardens and Fairfield Park. The Chinese Gardens are small but can be used for very small weddings.


The Council charge a non-refundable booking fee of $51 including GST. Book a wedding.

This does not provide the wedding party with exclusive use of the area, but it does mean that a level of management amongst groups that are planning activities/events in parks can be achieved.  

Booking a park exclusively

No activity can be booked exclusively. Not all activities/events are notified to the Council, so we cannot make any guarantees to people that small parties such as a birthday party or other event will not be happening at the same time on the same day as your event. While the Council would not knowingly double book any park for a wedding, Council cannot guarantee exclusivity. Generally, there have been few problems with double-ups as most people are aware that they need to contact the Council if they want to use a park for a large event.

Conditions of use


Paper confetti is not allowed in any park but rice or rose petals are fine. No type of confetti is permissible in the Chinese Gardens.


Isel Park, Broadgreen, Miyazu Gardens and Fairfield parks

For Isel Park, Broadgreen, Miyazu Gardens and Fairfield parks, there is an alcohol ban from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am, reduced to 9:00 pm to 7:00 am in daylight saving months.

Queens Gardens and the Chinese Gardens

There is a total ban on alcohol at Queens Gardens and the Chinese Gardens. However, the provision does exist within the Council bylaws to allow for exemptions from the alcohol ban for social occasions such as weddings. This must be applied for through the Council.

To discuss alcohol consumption within the banned periods please contact the Contract Supervisor Parks on +64 3 546 0376.

Chinese gardens capacity

The Chinese Gardens cannot be used for large wedding parties, owing to space constraints. Council do not allow more than 30 wedding guests at these gardens at any one time. Areas for congregating are also limited within Miyazu gardens, although there are expansive areas of lawn just outside the gardens that can accommodate very large wedding parties.

Furniture, gas barbeques

Trestle tables, chairs and gas barbeques are permissible at all parks except the Chinese Gardens.


Marquees and tents, depending on size, need to be discussed with Council staff, as resource consent is required if the marquee is over a specific size. To discuss erecting marquees please contact the Contract Supervisor Parks on +64 3 546 0376.


All rubbish generated by your group must be tidied up immediately after the wedding.

Sound systems

Any amplified music requires a consent from the Council. Non amplified music does not require a consent. To discuss the use of amplified sound please contact the Contract Supervisor Parks on +64 3 546 0376.


Guests can only use the formalised car parks located around or within the gardens.


Queens Gardens and Isel Park have locked gates across their internal access ways.  A key can be obtained from the Council for vehicle access to the Park for the purposes of setting up for the day.

Driving on the grass is generally not allowed but is permissible solely for the purpose of setting up marquees, shade sails and furniture. Avoid driving on the grass if the weather has been wet.

Special requests

Occasionally, special requests are made to the Council for novel wedding day activities or site enhancements (e.g. horse-drawn coach) that may have an impact on the park. Please ensure these are discussed with Parks and Facilities staff beforehand, +64 3 546 0376.


Weddings in parks are administered by the Parks and Facilities Business Unit. To book a park or make an enquiry, contact the Customer Service Centre on +64 3 546 0200.

If any Council facilities require attention please contact the Council on 03 546 0200.