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Payment options

You can pay your Council charges in several convenient ways. Follow the instructions and links for the method you prefer.

Telephone and Internet banking

You can make any payment to Council using telephone or internet banking, as long as you reference what you are paying. Please enter the details of your internet banking payment as requested using the fields below:

Payee name

Nelson City Council

Payee Account No


Details to appear on payee statement

The details you enter depend on what kind of payment you are making.

What to enter in the bank details fields for each payment type
Payment type Code Particulars Reference
Rates Valuation Roll number Name: surname then your initials  
Water Customer Billing number Name: surname then your initials  
Consents Customer number such as RM123456 or BC123456 Name: surname then your initials  
Library Fees and Charges Last four digits of your Library card number Name: surname then your initials  Library
Debtors Customer number Name: surname then your initials  
Parking ticket Vehicle Registration Number Name: surname then your initials Infringement Number
LIM Property Address Name: surname then your initials  


By credit card online

You can pay many bills online via Westpac and a secure interface. There is a fee associated with this. Pay online now.  

Direct debit

The easy, hassle-free and affordable way to pay your accounts and avoiding late payments and penalties.

If you prefer not to download a form, send us an email at and we will post out an Easypay form to you.

Arrange a Direct Debit

To sign up please complete and sign a direct debit authority form and return it to Council. We will send you a confirmation letter when we have processed your application which will confirm the starting date, payment amount and payment frequency. Please allow at least 10 working days to have your application processed.

Rates Direct Debits

A rates direct debit allows you to spread your current year’s rates payments over 12 months which may help your cash flow. You can choose to pay either;

  • Weekly (Tuesday or Thursday)
  • Fortnightly (Tuesday or Thursday)
  • Monthly on the 20th
  • Quarterly – on the due date
  • Annually – on the due date for the first instalment

If the date of the direct debit falls on a weekend or public holiday it will be debited on the next working day.

If you pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly the direct debit payment amounts are automatically adjusted in late July or early August to ensure your rates are paid in full over the whole year. We will notify you in advance of the payment amounts and you can cancel the payments at any time.

If you pay quarterly or annually, your payment will be the amount showing on the rates invoice.

Water Direct Debits

You can also pay your water account by direct debit. You can choose to pay either;

Residential Properties

  • *Weekly (Tuesday or Thursday)
  • *Fortnightly (Tuesday or Thursday)
  • *Monthly on the 20th
  • Six Monthly - on the due date

Commercial Properties

  • Quarterly – on the due date

*Please note that we will recalculate the weekly, fortnightly or monthly Water direct debits annually based on the account balance and previous 12months consumption.

Dishonoured direct debit payments

If you set up a direct debit, you need to ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the direct debit amount. If you have insufficient funds you may be charged fees by your bank. We request that you make a manual payment for any missed payments. Alternatively you can contact us to have your direct debit reviewed or recalculated.

If more than one payment is dishonoured, the Council reserves the right to cancel your direct debit authority and cease direct debiting your account. We also reserve the right to decline any future direct debit applications that you submit for a period of one year after the last dishonour. If this happens you will be notified in writing and you will need to choose another payment option.

More about paying your rates

Read more about when and how to pay your rates

By post or in person - Cash, EFT-POS or cheque payments (post only cheques, please)

Cash, EFT-POS or cheque payments can be made at any of Council's offices. Cheque payments sent by post should be addressed to:

Nelson City Council
PO Box 645
Nelson 7040