Requirements of a good cart

  • Simple but quirky design.
  • Minimal size/ compact/ in scale.
  • No more than 2.2m long x 1.8m wide x 2.2m high.
  • Small wheels - low to pavement.
  • Colours are sympathetic to the paving bricks (particularly the bottom half)
  • No 'shiny' surfaces (zincalume etc)
  • Roofs are soft and light.
  • Canvas awnings for weather protection.
  • Simple clear signage.
  • The carts are safe with no protrusions, particularly at eye or shin level. Preferable that towbar is retractable.
  • Carts are light, easy to tow, set up and pack up.
  • They are stable in the wind.
  • They are registered with current WOF.
  • Litter bins are provided and removed by vendor when leaving the site.
  • Sites are left spotless after each day’s operation.

cart good sushi
cart good