Urban links

Walking and cycling lanes and linkages

Nelson has many pathways that link community facilities and neighbourhoods. What's more these links are often short cuts to your destination! These maps show the pathway connections in urban Nelson, Tahunanui and Stoke to encourage their use to get to school, work or play.

A short duration walk or cycle is often quicker than driving your car when you take into account parking the vehicle and walking to your destination from the parking point. It also has the advantage of giving you the opportunity to "push play" while getting where you need to go.

Download the Way 2 Go Nelson links guide to walking and cycling lanes and linkages (5.8MB PDF)

Guide to sharing pathways

The pathways are generally open to both walking and cycling.

All users should approach blind corners slowly and keep to the left on shared paths.

  • Please respect footpaths where cycling is not allowed and walk your bike on those sections.
  • Travel in single file if there are other users around.
  • Give way to walkers.
  • Avoid startling others particularly when approaching from behind - ring your bell or call out.
  • Keep Left
  • Control your speed - slow down when passing pedestrians - remember they are slower and can be unpredictable.
  • Overtake slower cyclists and walkers on the right hand side.
  • Try to keep the path clear by standing to the side of or off the path or track when stopped and walking in single file, if there are other users around.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be under control at all times. Your walk will be more relaxing for you and the dog if you avoid peak commuting times.

Catch the exercise habit:

  • Figure out your local shortcuts and walk, jog or bike whenever you can.
  • Build some exercise into getting the milk or the paper from the shop - take a backpack and you'll be surprised at how much shopping you can carry.
  • Get into active socialising. Instead of sitting chatting with a friend, go out for a walk together.
  • Park the car further away from where you're going and walk the last few hundred metres.
  • Keep a pair of trainers in your car or office and take a short walk or run whenever there's a few spare minutes.
  • Be an active role model for your family - walk the kids to school and make routine errands into family walks.
  • Use different jogging, walking, or biking paths to vary your routine.