Long Term Plan 2021-2031

Council adopted the Long Term Plan 2021-2031 on 24 June 2021. The Long Term Plan sets out Council’s programme of works over the next 10 years.

Mayor's Foreword - Kupu Whataki

This is a Long Term Plan with your wellbeing and Nelson's future at its heart.

We live in an extraordinary location, a Smart Little City that celebrates the contributions of a resilient, creative, and diverse community. However, the last few years have brought a range of challenges that have tested our mental and physical health; cyclones, forest fires, and COVID-19. Each has impacted Nelson's social, economic, cultural, and environmental wellbeing and changed the lives of many. That is why wellbeing is our focus for the next ten years. Read more

Vision, Priorities and Outcomes - He Whakakitenga, He Whakaaratau

Read the Long Term Plan 2021–2031 (84MB PDF)

The Long Term Plan will be available at Council libraries and the Customer Service Centre.


  • Submissions were invited between 22 March and 21 April 2021.
  • 649 submissions were received.
  • Hearings were held on 4 – 6 May 2021.
  • Council deliberations occurred on 18, 19 and 20 May 2021.
  • Council adopted the Long Term Plan on 24 June 2021.

Read the consultation document and supporting information on Shape Nelson