Contact the Mayor or a Councillor

Find contact information of the Mayor and Councillors of Nelson City Council.

The Nelson City Council is elected every three years. Council is comprised of the Mayor and 12 Councillors who represent the residents of Nelson.

Rachel Reese Mayor of Nelson
Yvonne Bowater Councillor
Trudie Brand Councillor
Mel Courtney Councillor
Judene Edgar Councillor
Kate Fulton Councillor
Matt Lawrey Councillor
Brian McGurk Councillor
Gaile Noonan Councillor
Rohan O'Neill-Stevens Councillor
Pete Rainey Councillor
Rachel Sanson Councillor
Tim Skinner Councillor

The Council is responsible for the governance of, and setting the strategic direction for the city, and ensuring that the Council works towards meeting the outcomes it set for itself through the Long Term Plan (LTP).

Explore further in this section to learn more about how the city is governed, the Council committees and appointments, as well as dates and agendas or minutes of Council meetings.