The Wetland at Groom Creek

Work to realign Groom Creek with its original route to the Maitai River and build a wetland to filter water going into the Maitai Valley is now complete.  Council has been working with contractors and the community to plant about 40 different species of wetland and riparian plants – about 1500 individual plants.

The wetland will fulfil a number of different functions to enhance water quality, and create a significant food source for native birds coming from the Brook Valley, up into the Maitai Valley, and over into the Richmond Ranges.

 The wetland has been planted with hollow reeds (Machaerina articulata and Eleocharis sphacelata) which are particularly good at stripping nitrates from the water. Nitrates come from a number of different sources, including plants such as gorse and broom, and can be carried into the river through sediment.

 We expect that it will take a year or two for the wetland plantings to establish, and they’ll need careful tending during this time. By the third year after construction, the wetland will begin to settle into the wider landscape and become naturalised as plants, birds and wildlife become established and repopulate the surrounding area.

 At that stage we’ll start to plant the longer-lived tall canopy trees, some of which are specific to the Maitai Valley, amongst the initial nurse plants.

 There will be a public opening of the wetland in September 2018.