Tuku 22 Whakatū Heritage Months

Instead of just being one month, this year Tuku 22 Whakatu runs for three months across April, May and June to allow for easier movement of events as needed.

Planning for Tuku 22 Whakatū Heritage Months is underway now. Delivering a range of interesting, exciting and intriguing events and activities with a heritage flair, there is sure to be something for everyone over autumn/winter.

Thinking of hosting an event?

Applications are open for events right up until the beginning of June. Learn more at shape.nelson.govt.nz/tuku-22-whakatu-heritage-month

Financial support is available. You can apply using our Event Host Grant Application Form.


An up-to-date full programme of events, and all the individual event listings may be viewed on www.ItsOn.co.nz.