Producer statements

Council generally accepts Producer Statements from engineers that hold a current Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) practicing certificate and from persons who are qualified and experienced in the specific field for which the Producer Statement is being issued.

What is a Producer Statement?

A producer statement is a document prepared by a professional confirming his/her professional opinion. This opinion is based on stated reasonable grounds that aspects of design of a building achieve compliance with the building code, or that elements of construction have been completed and monitored in accordance with the approved building consent.

Design Producer Statements

Design professionals issue PS1 and PS2 that confirm that they have designed building work in accordance with New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) requirements.

Producer statement - Design (PS1)

The design professional who has been engaged to provide a design completes this statement.  Information should include:

  • Specific site and/or building description and date the design work was completed
  • Where the producer statement is intended to apply to part and not all of the building work that should be clearly stated and the scope specified
  • Construction monitoring levels (if applicable)

Producer statement - Design review (PS2)

The design professional who has been engaged to provide a design review completes this statement.

Construction Producer Statements

Producer statement construction (PS3) General

The person who has undertaken the building work completes this statement.

Download PS3 (62KB PDF)

Producer statement construction (PS3) Waterproofing Application

The applicator who carried out the waterproofing work completes this statement.

Download PS3 Waterproofing Application (62KB PDF)

Construction Review Producer Statements (PS4)

The design professional, who has reviewed the work of the contractor, issues a PS4 to confirm that the building work has been carried out in accordance with the consented plans and the building code.

  • A PS4 should record the level of Construction Monitoring/Observation carried out by the Chartered Professional Engineer (or by persons acting under their control)
  • A PS4 should be accompanied by records of the construction monitoring actually undertaken to support the opinion of compliance

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