Looking After This Land


Council provides funding for environmental restoration projects on public and private land through our Environmental Grants Scheme.

Through the Sustainable Land project, we’ve been working with landowners throughout the Nelson region to support managing their land to improve soils, enhance biodiversity and help improve waterways by preventing sediment and pollution from land-use activities.

We’re helping by providing advice, expertise and supplying appropriate trees for each site. For biodiversity enhancement, native trees are the best solution as they are well adapted to Nelson conditions, and they provide food and habitat for our native creatures – birds, lizards, snails and so on. In some cases, fast-growing exotics such as poplars and non-seeding willows will retain soil better as well as providing fodder for stock during drought conditions.

You can find out more about native tree species for your site in our Living Heritage Guide. (821KB PDF)

The Poplar and Willow Trust website has more information about planting poplars and willows for soil retention.

Below you will find links to presentation and resources available to landowners to help make good decisions about looking after your land.

We’ve made a series of video interviews with local landowners to highlight the challenges and joys of land restorations as well as the difficulties, and the considerable commitment required.