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Water charges

All water connections in Nelson are metered. The charging regime is the same for both residential and commercial users. Charges include GST.

The Water Annual charge of $203.29 including GST is included in your property rates bill. Water charges are levied as a rate under the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

  1. Encourage conservation of water.
  2. Be fair to residential and commercial water users.
  3. Recognise the opportunity and firefighting value of the water supply system and ensure all consumers, including empty sections and houses, pay their fair share of the operating costs.

The water account is self-funding. This means that water sales must pay for the costs of providing water. Most of the costs for supplying water to the community are fixed (around 90%). The basis for calculating water charges was set by Council on the recommendation of a working party (including Council, business and community representatives).

When will you receive your water bill?

Water volumetric rates are payable at the Nelson City Council office, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson and shall be payable on the following dates:

Billing Month Last Date for Payment
July 2021 20 August 2021
August 2021 20 September 2021
September 2021 20 October 2021
October 2021 22 November 2021
November 2021 20 December 2021
December 2021 20 January 2022
January 2022 21 February 2022
February 2022 21 March 2022
March 2022 20 April 2022
April 2022 20 May 2022
May 2022 20 June 2022
June 2022 20 July 2021

Special (final) water volumetric rates will be invoiced after the requested meter reading, and payable on the 20th of the month following.

Residential, commercial and industrial volumetric rates

Cost per cubic metre (GST inclusive)
Quantity Price from
1 July 2021
0-10,000 cu m per year $2.038 per m3
10,001- 100,000 cu m per year $1.708 per m3
> 100,000 cu m per year $1.348 per m3
summer irrigation usage for consumption over 10,000 m3 per year $1.873 per m3

Other charges

Other charges
Charge from 1 July 2021 inc. GST
Special reading $30.00
Installation of a Restrictor (cost includes subsequent re-establishment of supply) $124.10
Permanent Disconnection Application Fee $238.40
Connection Application Fee:  
< 50mm dia $124.10
= > 50mm dia $238.40
Hydrant Supply Application Fee $141.20
Registration to draw water from bulk filling point (annual fee) $141.20

Unpaid Metered Water Rates

Council will impose a ten per cent penalty on all metered water rates that remain unpaid following the last date for payment.

Water meter reading

The residential water meters are read between April and June and between October and December each year. Our contractors may be reading seven days a week during these periods and will be identified by dayglo jackets and name tags.

Please ensure your water meter box is clear and accessible for the meter readers.

Water connection / disconnection / alteration

For connection or disconnection to the water network you can download and complete an application for water connection/disconnection/alteration form (293KB PDF).

Completed forms should be returned to the Customer Services Centre, Civic House, 110 Trafalgar Street, Nelson or sent via email to