Subdivision consent application

Subdivision consent is applied for using the resource consent application. Download the resource consent application (46KB PDF)

Information to be included with subdivision applications

Application for subdivision consents must include the information required for other resource consents, set out on the application for subdivision consent form (where relevant), and information contained in section AD 8.3 of the Nelson Resource Management Plan. View or download a copy of the Nelson Resource Management Plan.

A subdivision has four processing stages:

  1. Resource consent application, including concept plans (all subdivisions require a resource consent).
  2. If the application is granted, a surveyed title plan is to be submitted to the Council for approval (see Section 223 of the RMA).
  3. Works for the subdivision including fulfilling all consent conditions are to be completed, then an application is made to the Council for a completion certificate (see Section 224 of the RMA).
  4. The consent holder then applies to the District Land Registrar to have the new titles issued.