Nelson 2060

This important strategy was formally adopted by Council on Tuesday, 4 June 2013.

Now we can start the job of putting ideas into action and heading towards our vision for Nelson in 2060. A huge thanks to the hundreds of people across our community for your valuable contributions.

You can download a PDF version of the strategy (3.3MB PDF), view an online 'flipbook' version of the strategy or visit the Nelson 2060 - The Goals page to find out more.

What's in Nelson 2060?

The strategy begins with a community-led vision for Nelson in 2060. It sets out 10 goals that will help us achieve that vision and ideas of how to reach the goals, plus ways to measure our progress.

The strategy also includes a handy checklist to see if what you’re planning to do will take us in the right direction.

What's the Council doing now?

We've thought about what actions the Council can take and these are included in the Nelson 2060 Implementation Plan 2013/14.

You can download a PDF version of the Implementation Plan (9MB PDF) or view an online 'flipbook' version.

What are you doing?

We want to know what you, your organisation or your business is doing that contributes to Nelson 2060. We want to share these stories with the community - so let us know below.

Examples might be a programme to reduce waste, support education, care for the natural environment, embed Nelson 2060 in the way your organisation makes decisions or align your work with the goals of Nelson 2060.