Burn smoke free

Nelson City Council is currently working closely with the community to find out how we can provide more choice on home heating options while still meeting the national standards for air quality.

Air monitoring research shows that smoky chimneys contribute to winter air pollution in Nelson.

Tips for using your wood burner more efficiently

  • When preparing to light your fire leave a bed of ash, put scrunched newspaper in the bottom, add small bits of kindling, then add larger pieces of dry wood as fire catches hold.
  • Light newspaper in several places. Have air control fully open to keep your fire burning brightly, unless reloading you should keep the door closed.
  • Never use the door to force wood into burner – it could break the glass.
  • Look after your burner – follow the manufacturer’s operation and safety instructions. Clean your flu every autumn and replace any damaged parts.
  • Please note that burning things like wet wood, plastic, rubbish or treated wood, is banned. It can create toxic fumes and damage your burner.

Watch this video to learn how to set and build a brightly burning fire.