The Nelson Tasman Regional Landfill Business Unit operates a landfill in York Valley, Bishopdale. The unit is jointly owned in equal shares by Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council.

Please note, York Valley Landfill is open for pre-approved commercial operators only. For businesses wanting information on gaining approval to access York Valley Landfill please email

Hours of operation

Days Hours of operation
Monday - Friday 8.00am - 4.30pm
Saturday 12noon - 4.00pm
Sunday & public holidays CLOSED



All fees include GST
Waste from 1 July 2022
All Rubbish (except as below) $234.60 per tonne
Buried rubbish (e.g. documents, odorous materials) $234.60 per tonne (plus all associated costs)
Asbestos $234.60 per tonne (plus all associated costs)
Light waste (e.g. polystyrene or similar) $2990.00 per tonne
HAIL material $211.60 per tonne
Cleanfill material, free of contamination, subject to approval. More information below. No charge

Cleanfill material

Cleanfill material (free of contamination), is accepted free of charge when required and subject to approval, and includes the following:

  • Clean clay (impermeable & suitable for cover material)
  • Aggregate, or other material suitable for construction use

Hazardous and liquid waste

Strict controls are exercised on the dumping of hazardous waste and liquid waste. For enquiries on this please contact us using the details below.

Acceptance of hazardous waste

Acceptance of hazardous waste and waste requiring special handling (includes asbestos, methamphetamine contaminated wastes, HAIL material, liquid wastes, medical waste, odourous waste, deep burial waste, etc.) requires a disposal manifest. Testing of waste and provision of test results may be required prior to approval of disposal manifests.

There is a processing time of 10 working days for all manifest applications requiring no other details/information.

For enquiries please contact the Landfill Business Unit via Nelson City Council 546 0200 or email