Vehicle Crossing Application

This form is to be completed by the applicant and approved by Nelson City Council prior to engaging a Vehicle Crossing Installer.

A vehicle crossing application is required when alteration of the kerb is required. This includes extending the vehicle crossing, moving the vehicle crossing or walling up the vehicle crossing. An application to alter the vehicle crossing is not required when resurfacing the crossing but this work will require a corridor access request.

To be eligible to make an alteration to the vehicle crossing the applicant will need to meet the conditions contained in the Vehicle Crossing Standards (1.8MB PDF). If these conditions are not meet a resource consent will also be required.

The applicant will need to engage an installer and pay all costs associated with approved work, including the corridor access request and removal of surplus vehicle crossing.

The prescribed application fee of  $126.30 (inc. GST) shall be paid on lodgement of this application form. (This covers application and inspection).

This application will lapse six months from the date thereon. Download Vehicle Crossing Application form. (79KB PDF)