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Residents Survey

About the surveys

Council has been running public opinion surveys since 1997 to measure public satisfaction with its work. Public opinion surveys help the Council gauge how well the community supports its direction and priorities. Regular surveys are also a good way of checking progress towards common goals, like how many of us cycle to work rather than commuting in vehicles. Information from the surveys is used to prepare long term plans for the city.

An independent research company is commissioned to carry out the survey. Usually, 400 people are selected at random and interviewed on the phone, while a further 40 people are surveyed in person. While surveys are not the only source of feedback from the community, they ensure a broad spectrum of opinion is received and reflect general public opinion and trends. A random selection of participants also guarantees that most interests in the community are represented ― young people, families and older residents, and people from all neighbourhoods of the city.

Survey results

Residents Survey 2020 Report (1.6MB PDF)

Council has engaged a variety of approaches, both to seeking public opinion and to communicating its decisions and programmes to the people resident in the area. One of these approaches was to commission the National Research Bureau's to conduct its Residents Survey in June 2019.

The 2019 survey focused on questions in the area of transportation, arts facilities, such as the Suter Art Gallery and Library, Council events, recreation, composting and opportunities to provide feedback to Council. Residents Survey 2019 Report (769KB PDF)

Residents Survey 2018 Report (888KB PDF)

The 2017 survey covered residents’ satisfaction with all Council activities as well as the transport network, arts and cultural facilities, Council events and environmental issues in more detail.  The 2017 survey included new questions about parking and contact with Council staff.  The survey result is used to inform decision-making in relation to the Long Term Plan.  Download the 2017 results. (2.5MB PDF)  

The 2016 survey focused on Long Term Plan performance measures and covered residents’ satisfaction with transport, parks and recreation facilities, toilets, and Council’s communication and consultation. Download the 2016 results. (1.4MB PDF)

The 2014 survey covered residents’ satisfaction with all the various Council activities and services as well as about the transport network in more detail. The 2014 survey also included a new set of questions about environmental issues to better understand the community’s priorities for environmental management and preferences for development options. Data was also gathered on recycling, composting and home heating. The information is used to inform the Long Term Plan and the development of Nelson’s resource management plan. Download the 2014 results (1.1MB PDF).

The 2013 survey focussed on organisation key performance indicators and resident satisfaction with transport, libraries, and customer service. Download the 2013 results. (274KB PDF)

The 2012 survey focussed on residents’ satisfaction with the Council activities as well as the transport network, customer service, and Council communication and consultation. There was also a new set of questions asking residents to indicate which areas residents would like Council to put more or less effort into. Download the 2012 results. (3.5MB PDF)

The 2011 survey covered residents’ satisfaction with the Council activities as well as consultation, communication and feedback on Council’s website. Download the 2011 results. (975KB PDF)

The 2010 survey covered satisfaction levels with all Council’s activities as well as opinions on environmental and sustainability issues. Download the 2010 results. (1.1MB PDF)

The 2009 survey was about community wellbeing including safety and other factors that build healthy communities. Download the 2009 results. (2.4MB PDF)