NRMP 12 November 2012 Amendments

The 12 November 2012 amendments provide for the following:

  • Operative in part Plan Change 14 (Residential Subdivision, Land Development Manual and Comprehensive Housing)
  • Minister approval of Variation 07/01 (Port Noise)
  • Correction of minor errors pursuant to Clauses 16 and 20A of the First Schedule RMA

Plan Changes and Variations

For details on specific Plan Changes or Variations please visit the main plan changes webpage:


Link to filing instructions for NRMP 12 November 2012 amendments (184KB PDF)

Due to the size of this set of amendments a collated set will not be available for download. Please use the filing instructions above in conjunction with the online files to obtain any replacement pages required or please contact the Policy and Planning Administrator on 03 546 0200 for more assistance.