Regional Policy Statement 1997

The Regional Policy Statement, approved in March 1997, has been prepared by the Nelson City Council as the Regional Policy Statement for the Nelson City Council jurisdictional area (Nelson City) in accordance with the Resource Management Act 1991.

The Regional Policy Statement sets out how Council will achieve integrated management of the significant resource management issues of the area, including general principles by which Council will be guided in making decisions on these issues and how Council will address cross boundary issues with the wider community of interest.

This Statement has been prepared with significant public input. It is intended to reflect the views of the community of Nelson and so seeks to accommodate these views within the framework of the legislation and the powers of Council. Council recognises the need to acknowledge physical, mental, and spiritual attributes when addressing social, economic, and cultural well being and has addressed these as far as is consistent with the Resource Management Act. However, it considers that these matters may be more appropriately pursued through other social and economic plans and initiatives, including the local Agenda 21 initiative.

By working with those sections of the community that have shown a desire to be involved with the process of creating the document, it is intended that the community will accept and adopt as its own the objectives and policies contained within and actively work with Council to achieve the desired outcomes.

Review of the Regional Policy Statement

A 2007 review of the Regional Policy Statement was re-prioritised in Council's work and postponed. The Regional Policy Statement is currently under review through the Nelson Plan project, which is a full review of all of Nelson’s RMA plans. Click here for more info on the Nelson Plan.


Download the Regional Policy Statement 1997 (780KB PDF).


regional-policy-statement-1997.pdf (pdf, 780 KB)