Tasman Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan

How we minimise damage caused by pests in our region.

The Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan 2019-2029 (the Plan, or RPMP) provides a framework for efficient and effective management or eradication of specified organisms in the Nelson and Tasman regions to:

(a) minimise the actual or potential adverse or unintended effects associated with those organisms; and

(b) maximise the effectiveness of individual pest management action through a regionally co-ordinated approach.

There are many organisms currently in both regions, or which could potentially establish in the regions, that are considered undesirable or a nuisance.

However, it is only where a pest is capable of causing an adverse effect in the regions, where a coordinated approach would be more effective than voluntary and unplanned management, and where the benefits of a regional plan approach outweigh the costs of that plan, that regional intervention is warranted.

For some of these organisms, a pest management plan adds significant value to the regions by providing for the exclusion, eradication, and containment of pests, and other effective management of named organisms, such as reducing their effects and protecting special places from pests.

The Biosecurity Act 1993 (the Act) contains prerequisite criteria that needed to be met to justify such intervention. This Plan is the end stage of that process and identifies the organisms to be classified as pests and managed on a regional basis.

The Plan allows the two Councils to exercise the relevant advisory, service delivery, regulatory and funding provisions available under the Act to deliver the specific objectives identified in Part Two of the Plan: Pest Management (the framework, pest programmes and monitoring).


The Plan operates within the administrative boundaries of both Tasman and Nelson regions and covers an area of 15,222 square kilometres (land) and 5513 square kilometres (sea).

Boundaries of the Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan Administrative Area


The Plan took effect on the date it became operative (1 July 2019), under section 77(5) of the Act, and remains in force for a period of 10 years, ie until 30 April 2029.

It may cease at an earlier date in the unlikely event that the Councils declare by public notice that the Plan has achieved its purpose or it is revoked following a review.

Accessing the RPMP

Tasman Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan 2019-2029 (pdf, 3.6 MB)

Hard copies of the Tasman-Nelson Regional Pest Management Plan 2019-2029 can be viewed at any office or library of Nelson City Council or Tasman District Council.

Enquiries about the Plan should be addressed to enquiries@ncc.govt.nz.