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Meet the Nelson Youth Council

 Nelson Youth Council 2019

Back: Hamish Smith Nathan Dunn, Theo Wheatley, Ollie Ransom, Emma Edwards, Nico Frizzell
Middle: Jessica Hamilton, Grier Rollinson, Zoë Jurgeleit, Holly Goulter, Anna Sawyer, Ruby Heslop
Front: Alex Hunter, Leila Challenger, Hailey Potts, Cassie Hagan, Alexandra Lile, Ryan Martyn

Inset: Emma Barnes-Wetere and Campbell Rollo

Representatives for 2019

Nelson College for Girls

  • Emma Edwards
  • Cassie Hagan
  • Ruby Heslop
  • Holly Goulter
  • Jessica Hamilton
  • Anna Sawyer
  • Grier Rollinson

Nelson College

  • Nico Frizzell
  • Ryan Martyn
  • Theo Wheatley
  • Hamish Smith
  • Ollie Ransom

Nayland College

  • Emma Barnes-Wetere
  • Hailey Potts
  • Zoë Jurgeleit

Waimea College

  • Alex Hunter
  • Nathan Dunn
  • Leila Challenger

Rangitahi Māori Representative (also Nelson College for Girls)

  • Alexandra Lile

Community Representatives

  • Campbell Rollo