9 - Washington Walk

Enjoy views of every aspect of Nelson city on this walk.


Time: 50 - 80 minutes

Area: Washington Valley

Start Location: Anzac Park, corner Halifax and Rutherford Streets.

Download the Washington Walk map (81KB PDF)

Route directions

At the western end of Anzac Park cross to the Globe Tavern (built in the 1870s), cross St Vincent Street and turn right into Hastings Street. Anzac Park is Nelson's memorial to locals who gave their lives in world wars. Originally reclaimed from mudflats, Anzac Park was established in the 1920s and now features a striking avenue of Phoenix palms.

Continue along Hastings Street past Pioneers Park to Washington Road. At the intersection of Hastings Street and Washington Road is the umbrella shaped weeping elm, and across the road at number 35 is Pioneer Cottage, the oldest house in the street, now renovated to retain its original character.

Follow Washington Road (taking the steps on the hill section) up to the crossroads and turn left up Princes Drive. At the top it's time to take a rest and admire the views of the Nelson region.

Turn left from the top of Princes Drive into Quebec Road. Some sections of Quebec Road are narrow and have no footpath so watch out for traffic. Look out for the sign directing you to the walkway to Arrow Street and follow the path. At the bottom turn right and take Quebec Road round to the Watson Street Walkway (there is a seat at the top and steps down the first section), then follow a concrete drive and veer left at number 17 down to Watson Street. Turn right and cross over to Pioneers Park.

A paved pathway follows the perimeter of the park to the right of the playground and takes you back to Hastings Street and Anzac Park.