Streets, lights and footpaths

General information on Nelson's streets, lights and footpaths

Street sweeping

All Nelson suburban residential streets are swept four times each year. Main roads, commercial and industrial roads are swept more often. During Autumn (mid-April to mid-July), streets with known high leaf-fall problems are swept when necessary. If there is a problem with leaf fall in your street please phone +64 3 546 0204.

What is done about icy roads and footpaths

Council contractors inspect known problem areas around the city after heavy frosts and spread grit on icy areas. Grit covered roads can also be a hazard! Always drive carefully during frosty weather. If you notice an icy road or footpath please phone us on +64 3 546 0204 so that our contractor can be notified.

Streetlight and traffic signal faults

To report streetlight and traffic signal faults please call +64 3 546 0200 (24 hours).