A step-by-step guide to the building consent process

Process at a glance

Step 1: Plans and ideas prepared

Step 2: Project Information Memorandum (PIM) applied for and issued

Step 3: Check if you need resource consent 

Step 4: Submit final designs 

Step 5: Apply for building consent 

Step 6: Plans and specifications checked for compliance, also known as processing the application (Council may request further information during this step). 

Step 7: Once Council has accepted the application, applicant is notified and prompted to pay the deposit.

Step 8: Council processes the application and begins compliance checks. 

Step 9: Building consent granted, and any outstanding fees and charges are invoiced.

Step 10: Invoice is paid and approved consent documents are issued. 

Step 11: Building work begins (building consents lapse if work does not begin within 12 months)

Step 12: Inspections during building process - Contact Council to book inspections 

Step 13: Apply for code compliance certificate (CCC)

Step 14: Final building inspection. Any outstanding amount on balance is due and then Council issues CCC.

Download the graphic step-by-step guide here: A guide to the building consent process

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