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Building consents

During the Covid-19 shutdown, Council will continue to process building consents electronically although capacity may be impacted at times. Council is following the Government Directives found at to determine which services can continue and how they will be delivered.

Civic House will remain closed during the level 4 shutdown but we have a duty building officer available to take your enquiries. You can contact us via the Customer Service Centre (CSC) on 03 546 0200 during normal business hours.

Key Contacts:

  • Online Applications and consent info can be accessed here
  • Building consent enquiries – ph. 03 546 0200
  • Building Inspections, life safety matters – ph. 03 546 0200 (Customer Services will forward you directly to inspection admin team)
  • To book essential building inspections (zoom, facetime, phone inspections where possible) – ph.  03 546 0334
  • Email enquiries: 

Building Inspections

Physical inspections will only be undertaken for essential and critical services. 

Essential Inspection bookings can be made by telephoning 03 546 0334. We will respond within 24 hours – so allow at least 48 hours for the inspection, unless it is a life safety issue – in which case please phone 03 546 0200 and specify URGENT life safety building inspection required immediately.

We are working on being able to carry out inspections using remote video conferencing, photos or a phone call or a combination of these. These will only available to builders/home owners working on their own homes. We will do our best to help.

Processing of consents
These are operating as normal with the only difference being that staff are working from home and capacity may be impacted at times. The team is available for emails and phone calls as per normal, or we can arrange an online video-conferencing meeting. Consent applications can be made through our online portal. Please note we are not accepting paper applications at the moment.

Code Compliance Certificate
These are being processed as normal but with limited capacity, please apply through our online portal and ensure that any paperwork is scanned and uploaded via the portal (or emailed if asked to do so) – we are not accepting hard copy applications during this period.

For dangerous and/or insanitary buildings please phone us on 03 546 0200 and we will respond as soon as we are able.