Our native animal species are threatened by invasive animal predators and habitat loss. Nelson Nature is working to conserve, restore and enhance habitat, and to control predators, to help our native creatures survive.

What is Council doing?

Nelson Nature is working with the community and other partners to protect and enhance our native species for future generations.

How can you get involved?

  • Join a trapping group 
  • Keep your dogs on a lead where there are weka and shorebirds
  • Trap in your backyard for introduced pests 
  • Plant native species for food and habitat for birds 
  • Add to the understanding of important sites for our species by recording them in iNaturalist (particularly for lizards, invertebrates and bats)
  • If you see a Nelson green gecko, take note of what you saw, or take a photo, and let us know!
  • Participate in the NZ Garden Bird Survey 
  • Build a weta motel in your garden
  • Provide lizard and skink habitat in your garden by heaping rocks or providing divaricating shrubs such as Muehlenbeckia species to provide safe cover and to attract insects for food.