Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual 2020

The Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual became operative 1 July 2019 supersedes the Land Development Manual 2010. A revised version was issued on 16 November 2020.

The councils consider this an important document for delivering the shared goals for affordable and resilient asset management while balancing community expectations for our environment.

One set of standards for Nelson Tasman

The Manual replaces the Nelson Land Development Manual 2010 and the Tasman District Council Engineering Standards 2013, and provides one set of standards for the Nelson and Tasman region.

Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual (45MB PDF)

What's new?

This manual includes some significant changes or additions to the Nelson Land Development Manual (2010) and Tasman’s Engineering Standards (2013). In particular, changes have been made to the way roads are designed and how we manage stormwater.

Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council encourage innovative and sustainable design and welcome alternative solutions to this Manual where this will achieve better results.

The NTLDM will be regularly reviewed and amended to reflect changes in land development practice and feedback from stakeholders. The latest revision occurred in 2020.

What has changed

In the 2020 revision, we have corrected some errors and made some clarifications to the LDM.

The NTLDM 2019 contained a number of small errors that have now been corrected.

A new version of the NTLDM has been issued and contains these corrections – this version is referred to as NTLDM 2020.

See the Schedule of Amendments 2020 (288KB PDF)

Email with any questions you may have on the alterations.

The NTLDM 2020 should be applied for all land development works.

Where the standards for land development works are controlled by rules in the NRMP, the NTLDM 2019 version officially applies until the resource management plan is changed and updated with the NTLDM 2020 version. The Resource Management Act does not allow “externally referenced documents” to be updated without following the processes prescribed in the Act, including a Schedule 1 Plan Change process. The councils will look to update the referenced version at the earliest opportunity.

In the interim, applicants can still rely on the 2019, but can opt to apply the 2020. The councils would prefer the 2020 version is applied. NCC have a decision under Section 87BB RMA deeming activities that comply with the NTLDM 2020, but not the  NTLDM 2019, as permitted activities due to marginal or temporary non-compliance.

Download 2020 Version

Previous Versions

Nelson Tasman Land Development Manual 2019 (31MB PDF)

Related guidance

Practice notes - stormwater inundation, bioretention and wetlands

A series of Practice Notes is associated with the NTLDM. They provide guidance on achieving best practice, and include:

Inundation Practice Note (pdf, 994 KB)
Providing best practice for calculating minimum ground and/or floor levels for subdivision, new buildings and major alterations.
Bioretention Practice Note (pdf, 1.5 MB)
Developed specifically for stormwater management with an emphasis on environmental protection and the mitigation of development-related impacts on flooding and surface waterways, including reducing peak flows, reducing spills and reducing water pollution.
Wetland Practice Note (pdf, 1.2 MB)
Intended to primarily support the design and delivery of constructed wetlands for stormwater treatment for water quality improvements.
Vertical datum

Nelson City Council and Tasman District Council adopted New Zealand Vertical Datum (NZVD 2016) effective from 1 July 2017. This new datum will bring consistency in the way land height is measured across the region, and with the New Zealand Standards.

Previously, Nelson City Council recorded height or elevation information in its own Nelson City Council vertical datum. Tasman District Council recorded elevation information in the LINZ Nelson 1955 vertical datum and the Tarakohe 1982 vertical datum for Golden Bay.


  • Pre-2017 elevation data on as-builts, building consents and resource consents will remain unchanged.
  • All height data in engineering plans, as-builts, resource consents and building consents should be supplied to Nelson City Council using the New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016.
  • All height data available from the Top of the South Maps website will be using the New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016.

Background information

What's in the manual?

The NTLDM is intended to provide consistent minimum standards and guidance for network assets that Council will accept as part of its network, and activities affecting them including maintenance and operations.

The aim is to achieve the right balance between durable, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable and fit-for-purpose infrastructure for our communities.

How was the manual developed?

The Manual has been developed in consultation with a range of stakeholders including key staff from both councils, a steering group including Councillors and external advisers, and with input from surveyors, developers, consultants, network utility owners, walking/cycling groups, industry training organisations, suppliers and contractors.

Download the Street Tree Guidelines (710KB PDF).

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