Residential Berm Planting

Outside berm

Residents are reminded that any planting of shrub and trees between the edge of the footpath and the kerb, (area shown in red) is not allowed.

If this berm width exceeds 1.5m, you may contact the Parks & Recreation section of Council for your street to be considered by the Council for street tree planting.

For safety and ongoing maintenance reasons, this area is typically grassed. Residents are allowed to plant low ground cover plants that have the ability to with stand being walked on. In these areas crushed stone is allowed, but boulders or rocks of any kind are not allowed.

Diagram showing planting allowed areas of berm

Diagram showing planting allowed areas of berm

Inside berm

Landscape planting on the inside (area shown in green) between the property boundary and the back of the footpath, or if no footpath exists, the road edge, is allowed.

All vegetation shall be maintained so that it does not encroach closer than 150mm to the edge of the footpath. Overhanging vegetation that maintains a 2.5m envelope above the footpath or 4.5m above the road is permitted. 

No rocks greater than 300mm are allowed.

All plantings must be such that they don’t cause visibility problems for the adjacent driveways or around corners.

Residents are advised that utility services are often located in the berm area between the footpath and property boundary.  It is advised to check the location of any services with local utility companies before commencing any digging.  These services may require maintenance and easy access at all times is required.

Map showing planting allowed areas of berm

Map showing planting allowed areas of berm