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Solicitor rates enquiry

This Solicitor Rates Enquiry form is to be used by all solicitors and law agencies acting on behalf of their clients in the sale of their property.

This will ensure that you receive all the rating information that you need to perform the rating apportionment between the vendor and purchaser of the property.

Please complete all the data fields and press Submit button at the bottom of the page. Your enquiry will then be delivered to one of our staff, who will send the relevant rating information back to you by e-mail within two working days.

Special Water Readings are done on a Thursday.  The deadline to receive requests for a Special Water Read is 12 noon the Wednesday before.

Fields marked with * must be completed.

If your enquiry is a follow up, please provide the original Service Request reference number, so that we are able to refer back to earlier correspondence.

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Rates instalment payment

Vendor is responsible for rates instalment up to and including: *

The last date to request a Special Water Reading prior to the Christmas break will be 19 December 2019 and they will commence again on 9 January 2020.

Water meter reading

Do you require a final water meter reading for this property?: *

Please note: Special Water Meter Reads are not being undertaken during the Covid-19 Level 4 Lockdown.  At this point, the next available date we will be undertaking special read is Thursday 30 April 2020.

Who are you acting on behalf of: *

Direct debit authority cancellation

If there is a direct debit payment arrangement in place for this property, do you wish to have it cancelled immediately?: *

Property details

If the client has a Clean Heat Warm Home Agreement, do you require a balance of the amount outstanding to clear?
If the client has a Solar Saver Agreement, do you require a balance of the amount outstanding to clear?
If the client has a Licence to Occupy Road, do you require a balance of the amount outstanding to clear for year ending 30 June?


1. If the client has a Licence to Occupy Road, the Licence is not transferred on a settlement transaction. Please ensure you inform the Purchaser or Purchaser's solicitor that the Licence to Occupy Road exists and request them to contact the Property Team at the Council to enter into a new Licence to Occupy Road on completion of their purchase settlement.

2. A Licence to Occupy Road is always subject to the review of the Nelson City Council.

This online rating information service is provided to solicitors in accordance with the inspection of rates records provision of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002. Before continuing please complete the following confirmation.

I confirm that I am a party to (or acting as an agent for a party to) a transaction relating to the rating unit that is the subject to my enquiry; and reasonably require the information in the rates record for the purposes of the transaction.