Plan Change 14

Residential Subdivision, Land Development Manual and Comprehensive Housing
Looking for the 'Building a fence?' flyer? Download it here

Residential Subdivision, Land Development Manual and Comprehensive Housing

Looking for the 'Building a fence?' flyer? Download it here

Publicly notified 25 September 2010


At its meeting on 29 August 2013 Nelson City Council resolved to make policy RE3.5 Streetscape, rules REr.25 Front Yards and REr.31 Fences, the remaining provisions of Plan Change 14 operative following resolution of appeals and ensuing Environment Court Consent Order. Documents can be viewed at the "Documents and Downloads" section at the bottom of the page.

Operative in Part

At its 1 November 2012 meeting Council approved all parts of Plan Change 14 that are not subject to appeal (those parts not relating to the proposed Streetscape Policy, Front Yard Rule and Fence Rules).  Those parts of the Plan Change became operative on 12 November 2012.

Parts Under Appeal

Decisions were notified on 30 June 2012. One appeal was lodged with the Environment Court from Mark and Kim Lile, challenging the decisions on the proposed Streetscape Policy, Front Yard Rule and Fence Rules. Two others sought to be party to proceedings under s274 of the Resource Management Act 1991 (Marsden Park Limited and Daelyn Holdings Limited).

The only affected provisions of Plan Change 14 are those that are subject to appeal, all other proposed provisions (those not subject to appeal) must now be “treated as operative” under RMA s86F.

The full Notice of Appeal and s274 notices are available for download from the “Documents and downloads” section below.

Submissions, Hearing and Decisions

Plan Change 14 was publicly notified on 25 September 2010. Submissions closed on 3 December 2010 and 27 submissions were received. A summary of submissions was publicly notified on 22 January 2011 and further submissions closed on 4 February 2011 (one received).

Council engaged a hearing panel (chaired by a Councillor and assisted by an Independent Commissioner and Councillors) to hear and make decisions on submissions to Plan Change 14. A hearing was held on 28 November 2011 and the Commissioner’s decisions were received by Council. Decisions were publicly notified on 30 June 2012.

The decisions were to adopt the Plan Change as notified with minor amendments to the following:

  • urban design objectives and policies;
  • Services Overlay policies and rules;
  • streetscape policy and front yards and fence rules;
  • subdivision rule in the Landscape Overlay;
  • Roading Hierarchy;
  • Residential subdivision rule and Appendix 14.

The Commissioners recommended that a Streetscape Design Guide to assist with the interpretation of the front yard and front fence provisions be made available at the time of the release of the decision. A Draft Streetscape Design Guide can be downloaded here. (507KB PDF)

The full decisions document can be downloaded from the Documents and Downloads section below.


Plan Change 14 seeks to update and incorporate better urban design approaches into the Nelson Resource Management Plan, NCC’s Engineering Standards (now called the Land Development Manual 2010) and into Council administration and policy processes.

The main changes proposed are summarised as follows:
  • Adds a range of definitions to chapter 2 Meaning of Words.
  • Changes and additions to Chapter 3 Administration to update Council administration processes and relationships with external documents. This also includes changes to the Services Overlay description.
  • Inserts new urban design issues and explanation into Chapter 4 Resource Management Issues.
  • Amends and inserts new objectives, polices, methods, environmental results and performance indicators in Chapter 5 District Wide Objectives and Policies for Land Transport, Urban Design and Subdivision and Development.
  • Amends the Residential Zone policies and rule tables for streetscape, front yards, subdivision, comprehensive housing, fences and services and landscape overlays.
  • Amends Appendix 6 Riparian and Coastal Margins to add additional values for esplanade reserves.
  • Amends Appendices 10 Parking and Loading, 11 Access Standards and 12 Tracking Curves to update content and align with the NCC Land Development Manual 2010.
  • Deletes Appendix 13 Engineering Standards in favour of using the new NCC Land Development Manual, referenced as an external document.
  • Amends Appendix 14 to compliment the amended Residential Subdivision Rules and the NCC Land Development Manual, including the deletion of the roading table from the NRMP. A new roading table is located in the NCC Land Development Manual.
  • Amends Appendix 22 Comprehensive Housing to clarify the outcomes desired.
  • Externally reference throughout the Plan the NCC Land Development Manual 2010 as a means of compliance for controlled activity subdivisions, and as an assessment criterion for restricted discretionary and discretionary activity subdivisions. Amends all references to Appendix 14 throughout the Plan to instead reference to the new roading tables in the NCC Land Development Manual 2010.

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