Projects in Stoke

A variety of projects have been completed, underway or proposed for development around Stoke, following on from the original ‘Spotlight on Stoke’ community consultation in 2014 and from ongoing meetings with community representatives. Here’s a run-down on what’s happening.

Current Projects

Greenmeadows Community and Recreation Facility

This new centre is currently under construction. See how it is progressing here.

Pedestrian Refuge Main Road Stoke

Plans have been drawn up for the pedestrian refuge on Main Road Stoke. It will provide a safe crossing place between the shopping area and the new Greenmeadows Community and Recreation facility once it is completed. This the first stage of traffic calming measures for the area.

The refuge was included in answer to feedback asking for improvements for traffic and pedestrian access along and across main roads that divide Stoke – particularly the Songer Street and Main Road Stoke intersection. See the location for the refuge (2.8MB PDF).

It’s worth remembering that a pedestrian refuge is not the same as a pedestrian crossing.

Pedestrian refuge islands are designed to give you a chance to cross a street in two stages. The refuge gives you a safer place to wait before making the second stage of the crossing. Pedestrian are for crossing only when there is a break in the traffic.

Drivers are reminded not to stop for pedestrians, especially at this location, but you must be able to stop if you have to. Stopping for pedestrians using refuges islands can tie up traffic and creates a hazard for following vehicles.

Other work already completed

  • Concrete tree surrounds removed from Strawbridge Square
  • Right hand turn out of Putaitai Street reinstated
  • Design work completed on Poormans Stream shared path between Neale Avenue and Main Road Stoke

 Upcoming work

  • Curtis Street Footbridge (Link to Manu Kau reserve)
  • Implement Bail Street parking optimisation
  • Concept design of Main Road Stoke traffic calming stage II
  • Youth area
  • Creative Public seating outside Greenmeadows Centre
  • Footpath upgrades – part of a City-wide initiative

Proposed work

  • Cycleway connecting Railway reserve with Stoke Centre
  • Signage improvements
  • Street furniture improvements
  • Upgrade of Strawbridge Square