Long Term Plan 2012/22

Long Term Plan adopted 19 July
This version of the Long Term Plan document was adopted by Council on 19 July.

Long Term Plan adopted 19 July

This version of the Long Term Plan document was adopted by Council on 19 July.

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Why make a plan?

To make Nelson a better place, and keep our rates manageable, we have to know exactly what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. This starts with a vision that defines what’s most important to us as a community. That vision then boils down to a ten-year plan that is reviewed every three years. Council’s weekly, monthly and yearly work is based on what is promised in the plan.

Breakdown of major decisions

To help Council make decisions on the Long Term Plan, we asked our community for feedback on six new major projects for the city. We received hundreds of submissions on these, which helped Councillors decide which to pursue and which could wait.

Framing Our Future

The 50 year vision for Nelson’s future has been adopted and the next step is to prioritise the actions that will make a difference. Experts have reviewed ideas from the  community and the Mayoral Taskforce and they will be working on ways to link these ideas into steps needed to take us towards our vision.

Saxton Field and a Cycle Velodrome

The Cycle Velodrome really caught the community’s attention with 237 submissions in support. Council confirmed its funding and construction is due to begin early in 2013. Other work at Saxton, such as replacing hockey’s artificial turfs, also got the go-ahead from Council but some lower priority projects had to be pushed out beyond  the ten years of the plan to save money.

Trafalgar Centre

Council approved $10.2 million for the upgrade and detailed design work is already underway. Expect to see the new-look Trafalgar Centre completely finished by mid 2015.


Council’s plans for its roads had a major adjustment when central government funding was not available at the level hoped. Local road resealing is one area hit by this and older road seals may not be replaced in a timely manner and there is a possibility road conditions may deteriorate. On the positive side central government is helping us fund a study of the feasibility of creating a 4 metre wide shared cycle/walkway along Rocks Road – the promenade the city has wanted for so long.

Arts facility support

The Suter Art Gallery’s exciting new redevelopment design is to proceed with $6 million of Council funding and a hoped for similar amount from central government and fundraising. Sadly the two heritage oak trees immediately adjacent to the gallery cannot be retained but a landscape plan is being developed to make the most of the interface between the gallery and the Queens Gardens.

The Nelson School of Music building will get a $2.2 million upgrade to bring it up to modern standards and take care of urgent earthquake strengthening. Council also allocated just over $4 million in 2019/20 for a second stage to the upgrade which will provide necessary rehearsal and storage space behind the main building.

Funding has also been allocated for the Theatre Royal to take care of the debt remaining after this 1878 landmark’s major five-year refurbishment. The model proposed for both School of Music and Theatre Royal is for Council to take ownership of the buildings and act as landlord while the community will continue to drive the activity – a great partnership.

Rutherford & Trafalgar Parks Development

This was an area that Council significantly reduced funding for, removing just over $7 million from year five onwards. In tough economic times
Council decided the pace of this development needed to slow down.

There are still some significant projects in the next three years with the Maitai Walkway upgrade, a destination playground, and work on carparking and access to the Trafalgar Centre all being given the green light.