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Private Plan Change 28 - Maitahi Bayview

On 28 October 2021, as part of the Resource Management Schedule 1 process, Council Notified the Proposed Plan Change. Download a copy of the full public notice. (205KB PDF)

Submissions closed Friday 10 December 2021. We are currently preparing a summary of decisions requested. Further submissions will then be invited.

Note: Amazon Servers went offline on Wednesday 8 December 2021 from 4:30 am - 11.30 am, impacting access to the Submissions Portal. The submission date was extended to Friday 10 December.

Nature of Request:

To rezone approximately 287-hectares of land located within Kaka Valley, along Botanical Hill and Malvern Hill, from:

  • Rural; and
  • Rural-Higher Density Small Holdings Area,


  • Residential (Higher, Standard and Lower Density Areas);
  • Rural-Higher Density Small Holdings Area;
  • Open Space Recreation; and
  • Suburban Commercial,

along with a number of integrated changes to associated provisions of Volumes I, II and III of the Nelson Resource Management Plan.

Private Plan Change Documents as Notified

Plan Change documents

Attachments A – Records of Title

Attachments B – Structure Plan and Planning Maps

Attachments C – Technical Assessments

Attachments C11. Consultation Feedback

Attachments D – Section 32 Evaluation


Copies of the Private Plan Change Documents

A hardcopy version can be viewed at Civic House Customer Services Centre. A full version of all the Documents can be ordered and printed for you by Council for the following cost:

200 B&W A4 double-sided pages @.20 = $40.00
45 colour A4 double-sided pages @1.70 = $76.50
165 colour A3 single-sided pages @1.90 = $313.50
Folder $3.00
Inserts $2.00
Staff Time $38.00
TOTAL $473.00

Please contact Customer Services 03 546 0200 to order a copy.